Ridge Observes World Ozone Day

        The World Ozone Day is observed on 16th of September every year to spread awareness about the ozone depletion.The theme for this year given by the United Nation Environmental Programme is _“Ozone for Life;35 years of ozone layer protection”. The slogan of the day ” Ozone for Life ” reminds us  that not only is ozone crucial for life on Earth, but that we must continue to protect the ozone layer for future generation.

                Ridge has launched a campaign to spread the awareness and make the young generation understand about the importance of ozone layer and the need to protect this fragile shield of gas. The students participated enthusiastically in poster making and painting competitions organised by the departments of Art and Science in Ridge. On 16 September the team of students will make Power Point Presentation to the students and teachers to show how this natural part of our atmosphere shields Earth from most of the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations. UV rays can be highly damaging for our planet – for plants,humans and animals all alike.The presentation will also highlight various activities that we can adopt to keep the ozone layer safe.

By Charitha (IV Grade)
By Vaahin (IV Grade)


“World Ozone Day” – Awareness Message On Preservation of Environment